Adri is a Venezuelan-born fitness instructor who believes in the power of laughter and movement. She teaches a range of disciplines including Dance Fitness, Pilates, Barre, Yoga, Tai Chi and Strength & Balance amongst others. Her classes are challenging but fun, uplifting and creative and always full of great music.

Adri’s sessions combine cardio, weighted resistance, body balance and core work and over a decade of teaching different fitness programmes she has developed an effective blend of exercises for healthy mobility, muscle toning and core strengthening. She truly believes there is no age limit to fitness and that a regular practice becomes even more important as we grow older. “Yep, it’s true; we’re living longer so we might as well keep as active as we can so we can live our later years with vigour and joy!

Adri loves traveling, live music, photography and her motorbike and she strives to live inside every moment, experiencing the magic of being alive, in every-single-breath.