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I'm currently running in-person and live online classes via Zoom - come and join me! Variety is the spice of life and I have a variety of classes for all abilities that work your body and your mind: Pilates, Barre, Yoga, Tai Chi Qigong and Dance Fitness (including Zumba Fitness, Zumba Toning & Zumba Gold). Burn calories, tone, strengthen, elongate your muscles and restore your mind.

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I run special sessions and events, masterclasses and workshops indoors and outdoors. They give our sessions another dimension making the experience truly unique: Rooftop Yoga, Pilates in the Park, Yoga by the Lake, Breakfast Barre and more! I also organise wellness days and collaborate with other fitness and well-being professionals. Keep your eyes peeled for our next special event!

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Escape the day to day routine and rediscover your LUST FOR LIFE! I run wellness, dance & fitness retreats that lift your spirit, open your body and calm your mind: Beautiful venues in the UK and abroad, interesting activities and plenty of free time to relax. Make new connections with like-minded people. Click on Register at the top to receive info and be the first one to hear about our next retreat!

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"Adri is a force of nature!!! Her energy, passion and positivity are amazing and contagious and that's how I feel every time I attend her classes."


"To have Adri planning and providing our Zumba, Tai chi and Pilates classes is a blessing. She's a woman of passion, energy, determination and capability giving us fun, fitness and joy!"


"I have never looked back since finding Adriana and her wonderful Zumba classes: talented, professional and most importantly friendly and kind."


"‘Sometimes I just find myself smiling for no reason in Adriana’s class; I am just enjoying the dancing so much!"


"I’ve been to other Zumba classes over the years and none match Adriana’s. They are so full of fun with easy to follow moves and brilliant music!"


"I have attended a variety of Adri’s classes over the past 4-5 years and have enjoyed every single one. Adri's enthusiasm is infectious and helps get you through even when you are finding things difficult. she is so friendly and makes each class great fun!"


"Having done Adri's Strength & Balance classes (which are seated) in person (before lockdown) and online (during lockdown), they have given me the confidence to move on to standing classes: Tai Chi and Standing Pilates, both  of which I'd like to continue as soon as we can. Thank you Adri, you're a great teacher!"


"I was so pleased that I joined Adriana's Zumba Gold Class and have now joined Tai Chi. There's plenty of classes to suit everybody.Adriana is always cheerful and full of energy and there's always an inventive variety of music and dances to keep you alert mentally and physically. Great fun!"


"Adriana is a fantastic teacher providing very clear instruction and a really supportive approach. Would thoroughly recommend her classes to anyone."